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Exchange Rate API

🌍 Currency conversion rates for 161 currencies.

🏆 Over 10 years of exceptional uptime & support.

✅ Perfect for SaaS, Dashboards & E-Commerce.

Tens of thousands of developers relax while our exchange rate API delivers forex rates, day-in, day-out!

No credit card details required for Free plan!

Very Easy to Implement

Just 2 lines of code in any programming language that supports HTTP requests.

Global Exchange Rates

All 161 major currencies used in 200 countries. See supported codes.

JSON Responses

Easy to parse and easy to read. JSON responses for hassle-free integration.

Accurate Conversions

Our currency API uses multiple sources for stable & reliable FX data.

Developer Focused

Clear documentation, exceptional uptime record and helpful support.

Example Exchange Rates JSON

Pro Plan Advantages

Faster Data Updates

No waiting till tomorrow for fresh currency data. Get faster exchange rate updates with our Pro plan.

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Prompt Support

We're proud of our prompt & helpful support for paying customers. Please send us any questions you have!

Exceptional Uptime

Our paid plans are provided from managed AWS infrastructure optimised for high uptime.

We use fault tolerant AWS services across multiple Availability Zones for exceptional redundancy.

Our API's uptime during 2022 was measured by Pingdom at > 99.99%.

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Long Term Support

We support API endpoints for our paid plan customers until the very last user stops using them.

You won't need to update your forex API implementation code until you decide to.

We still have customers using the original API endpoints that we launched with in 2010 - that's over 10 years of a specific GET request quietly working without a breaking change!

🔒 Long Term Support Info

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Developers Love ExchangeRate-API

Our users make hundreds of millions of API requests each month.

Common Use Cases for our Exchange Rates API

Simple JSON responses make it easy to use our data in almost any development environment.

Forex Data API
E-Commerce Stores

Many of our customers run e-commerce stores and use our exchange rate API to display localized pricing. Showing customers pricing in their local currency is great for conversion!

Internal Dashboards

Our data makes it easy to view international sales on your company's dashboards. Or keep track of your earnings with a foreign payment processor in your home currency.

Spreadsheet Powerusers

We have a number of customers using our forex API to feed spreadsheet models and scripts that process the data for academic projects, personal research etc.

Exchange Rate API Quick Start

1. Sign up to get your API key

Signing up to our currency converter API is quick and easy. Choose a paid plan for the benefits or a free plan to get started. Your API key will be active & enabled after email confirmation.

2. Make a GET request

No client library required - just use cURL or the HTTP library in your development environment. See the documentation for our currency conversion API endpoint URLS & formats.

3. Parse the JSON response

The response you've received can be parsed by your development environment's JSON library. You're done! Use the fresh exchange rate data to convert currencies in your application with ease.

Exchange Rate API User

Plans & Pricing

Pay yearly to get 2 months free!


$ 30 300
per month
  • Updates Every 5 Minutes
  • 125k API Requests p/m
  • High Availability Infrastructure
  • Our LTS Commitment
  • Priority Email Support
  • Historical Data
  • Enriched Data
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No CC Req. Free Trial!


$ 10 100
per month
  • Updates Every 60 MinutesGet the latest exchange rates much more often than free users.
  • 30k API Requests p/m30 000 HTTP Requests Per Month. Your dashboard shows when quota is refreshed.
  • High Availability InfrastructureWe use redundant, multi-AZ AWS infrastructure.
  • Our LTS CommitmentWe never deprecate endpoints that paying customers are using!
  • Email SupportOur support team is standing by to assist with any questions.
  • Historical DataOver 30 years of historical exchange rate data.
  • Enriched DataGet country codes, currency symbols etc. in your responses.
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$ 0
per month
  • Updates Once Per Day
  • 1.5K API Requests p/m
  • High Availability Infrastructure
  • Our LTS Commitment
  • Email Support
  • Historical Data
  • Enriched Data
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❓ Frequent Questions

Is There Support?

Yes! We offer prompt and helpful email support to all customers on a paid plan.

Easy Cancellation?

You can cancel your billing subscription at any time as our plans are all month-to-month.

Yearly Subscriptions & Discounts?

Get a 2 month discount for paying per year on any plan! This means $100 p/a for Pro, $300 p/a for Business and $700 p/a for Volume. Just choose yearly payments when setting up billing.

Payment Methods?

All major credit cards and Paypal. We use the popular secure payment processor Paddle to handle our billing - we won't have access to your card details. Paddle supports VAT invoicing for 45+ countries including the EU.

Not Satisfied?

Tried our currency API but decided it's not for you? In the unlikely event our support can't resolve your issues we'll cancel your subscription & happily refund your latest payment.

Still have questions? Contact us!

💬 Further Product Info

How accurate is the currency data?

We collect exchange rate data from multiple central banks & commercial sources and then use our own algorithm to blend these different datasets. This process reduces the impact of an incorrect outlying conversion rate supplied by one source. We only support a currency code in ExchangeRate-API if we have at least 3 data sources for that currency.

Our exchange rates are classed as indicative midpoint rates. These are accurate enough for tasks like price estimations in an e-commerce store or stats on a dashboard. In an e-commerce example - our estimation would differ slightly from the final rate a user will actually be charged at when making a payment.

We do not supply buy/sell spread data and so our rates are unsuitable for forex trading or processing cross currency settlements.

You can read more details on our Data information page.

How often do the exchange rates update?

Updated data is available on the hour, every hour for users on paid plans. Our free exchange rate data is updated once every 24 hours. Each currency rate API response served shows a datestamp and the unix time of the most recent data update.

Where does the API get foreign exchange rate data from?

We collect public reference data from a number of central banks and commercial sources around the world. An example would be the reference rates released by the European Central Bank each day.

How do request quotas work?

Each HTTPS GET request you send to our currency converter API endpoints is counted towards the quota your plan allows. You'll receive notification when you've used 75% and then 100% of your quota. You can also see your usage in your dashboard. We softcap at 100% so you'll have a little extra room in the event you reach your plan limit.

Still have questions? Contact us!
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