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Global Exchange Rate API

Data for 50 currencies used in 70 countries. See our supported currency codes here.

JSON Responses

Easy to parse and easy to read! JSON responses make integrating hassle-free.

Ultra Fast

Our rates are served entirely from memory for the fastest responses.

One GET and you're good to go...

We use ISO 4217 Three Letter Currency Codes - e.g. USD for US Dollars, EUR for Euro etc. Here's the list of currency codes we support. Just substitute USD in the request below with the code you want to use as a base currency and make a GET request.

This will return the exchange rates from USD to all the other currencies we support:

	"base": "USD",
	"date": "2019-03-20",
	"time_last_updated": 1553092232,
	"rates": {
		"USD": 1,
		"AUD": 1.408403,
		"CAD": 1.329501,
		"CHF": 0.999398,
		"CNY": 6.711962,
		"EUR": 0.880807,
		"GBP": 0.755043
		"HKD": 7.850285,
		"...": 1.311357,
		"...": 7.4731, etc. etc.

See our documentation for more details. Use means acceptance of our Terms - see the FAQ below or the full Terms & Conditions.

"One of our favorites is the Exchange Rate API"

Product Detail FAQ

How Often Do The Exchange Rates Update?

Our free exchange rate data is updated once every 24 hours. Each response served shows the epoch time of the most recent data update.

Where Does Your API Get Foreign Exchange Rate Data From?

We collect public reference data from a number of central banks around the world. For example the reference rates released by the European Central Bank each day.

How Accurate Is The Currency Data?

We collect exchange rates from multiple central banks and use our own algorithm to blend these different datasets. This process reduces the impact of an incorrect outlying conversion rate supplied by one source. We only support a currency code if we have at least 3 data sources for that currency.

Our exchange rates are classed as indicative rates. These are accurate enough for tasks like price estimations in an e-commerce store or stats on a dashboard. In an e-commerce example - our estimation would differ slightly from the final rate a user will actually be charged at when making a payment.

We do not supply buy/sell spread data and so our rates are unsuitable for forex trading or processing cross currency settlements.

What Terms & Conditions Apply?

This service offers no warranties or guarantees - express or implied - regarding exchange rate information provided, its completeness or correctness, its accuracy or its fitness for any particular purpose.

Use of ExchangeRate-API constitutes acceptance of our full Terms and Conditions, available here.

Does The API Offer Historical Exchange Rate Information?

Not currently, although we have previously offered historical exchange rate data going back to 1990. We are currently integrating a new dataset and aim to have this available by mid-2019.

What IP Geo-Location Database Does ExchangeRate-API Use?

A legacy version of our product uses the IP2Location dataset available from - it's updated on a monthly basis. This is not available to new customers.

Common Use Cases for our Exchange Rate API

E-Commerce Stores

The majority of our customers run e-commerce stores and want to use currency conversion on their prices. Showing customers pricing in their local currency is great for conversion!

Internal Dashboards

Our data makes it easy to view international sales on your company's dashboards. Or keep track of your earnings with a foreign payment processor in your home currency.

Spreadsheet Powerusers

We have a number of customers using our exchange rate data to feed spreadsheet models and scripts that process the data for academic projects, personal research etc.

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