ExchangeRate-API Documentation

Broad overview of our currency API and its available endpoints.

Fast Start

You'll want our Standard endpoint documentation to get started right away. This returns a simple JSON object with exchange rates from your base currency to all our supported codes.

Free Options

We offer two basic free API options if this is what you're looking for. Our open access free API doesn't require an API key but is heavily limited. You can also use our Free Plan - this requires a key but allows use of our Standard endpoint and the ability to switch base currency.

Advanced Endpoints

We also have some endpoints with extra functionality. These are only available for users on our Business or Volume Plans.

Pair Conversion

Submit a pair of codes and optional amount in your request. You'll get back the exchange rate between the codes and the conversion of the optional amount if you included it.

Enriched Responses

This endpoint includes extra localization data as well as the normal exchange rate. For each currency code you'll get the currency name, its display symbol, associated region or country and a flag image URL.

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