API Uptime

We've spent over 10 years developing ExchangeRate-API.com's infrastructure to deliver exceptional API uptime.

Our Mission
You shouldn't have to check our API status page.

ExchangeRate-API has been carefully designed to deliver currency data every single time you send a request. Day in, day out, 365 days a year.

Our infrastructure has been battle tested for over a decade and we've put all this experience into our stack and hosting choices.

If we rewind, however, to the launch of our first version in 2010 it quickly became apparent that this initial version was not reliable enough. Unfortunately we experienced issues with high latency and even some complete outages.

The outcome of this was instantly clear - many users chose to leave after these early downtimes.

And as developers ourselves we understood exactly why! There are few things as frustrating as working to integrate with an API only to experience patchy connectivity and timed out responses.

So we set out on a mission to build an unbelievably reliable currency converter API and today we can gladly say that things are very different!

Our product is hosted by top tier providers, has as few moving parts as possible and is carefully monitored in many ways. We've made countless optimizations and improvements to ensure the stability of our infrastructure and still focus every day on finding parts of our stack to improve.

We care as much about our uptime as you do!

Infrastructure Outline

AWS Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services is one of the largest network and server providers in the world. Using AWS means we get access to best-in-class systems and exceptional uptime on our underlying infrastructure.

Multi-AZ Setup

We also make use of the Availability Zone system AWS provides so that our system can run at the same time in multiple data centres that are physically and logically separate for high levels of redundancy.

Cloudflare Network

ExchangeRate-API is delivered over the Cloudflare network. This mainly means exceptional network availability, but also protection from DDoS attacks and access to latency reducing network features.

Strong Record

We have some early customers who have been using our API for nearly the entire decade we've run ExchangeRate-API. Our strong uptime record (99.99% uptime in 2020) is one of the reasons they've stayed!

Reliable Monitoring

You can only manage what you measure so we're always working to improve our monitoring & stats collection. We use Pingdom to run our API status page so you can see the live API status and uptime history.

Carefully Selected Stack

We have curated our technology stack to include Open Source software that can really be depended on. There's nothing too new - we prefer battle tested classics like nginx, memcached, cron(8), etc...