Long Term Support

Rest easy knowing that the API version you integrated into your project will be supported as long as you subscribe.

Our Mission
Update your integration on your schedule, not ours!

Most developers have experienced the frustration of a sudden API version deprecation at an inconvenient time.

Sometimes it's understandable - for instance a security risk has been found - but often it's really not. The company running the API just decided they needed to make a change and you need to deal with it...

So, as developers ourselves, we've made it our goal that our API isn't the cause of this hassle!

Our Long Term Support Commitment means we will make our best effort to always support every past version of our API.

Even when there is only a single remaining customer still converting currencies using Version 1 of our API, they won't need to change their integration unless they want to.

We'll ensure uptime on that endpoint with the same care as usual.

Because this requires quite a bit of work behind the scenes - e.g. moving old code to new infrastructure, changing caching layers to handle updated exchange rate data sources - only paying customers benefit from our Long Term Support efforts.

We're proud of our track record on this. We have never deprecated an endpoint or API version still used by a paying customer since we launched in 2010!

LTS Commitment

Paid Plan Advantage

Unfortunately due to very high volumes of free users it isn't feasible to offer LTS for our free plans and open access endpoints. If you've ever managed legacy infrastructure or legacy code you'll know there is a real cost to keeping this sort of commitment. This is one of the reasons totally free API's sometimes disappear without warning...

Previous Version History

V1 (added 2010), V3 (added 2015), V4 (added 2018) and V5 (the current version) of our API are all still supported for users who integrated with these editions of our product. Version 2 was only introduced for a very short while, failed to gain many users and was then deprecated after a period of measured zero use.

How LTS Actually Works

Our Long Term Support Commitment aims to support everything as it was when you made your integration. This includes the feature set of previous versions of our API, the endpoints associated with those versions, the actual formatting and headers of the API responses that are sent and even the type of data that was originally served, e.g. data refresh interval.

Limits to LTS

While we will make every possible effort to keep all versions of our API supported like we have managed for the last 10 years - there is always a chance external pressures could be an issue. Things like DoS attacks or a data source issue will hopefully not force us to compromise - but in the unlikely event this is the case we will try to communicate rapidly and mitigate things as much as possible.