How To Use ExchangeRate-API

We use ISO 4217 Three Letter Currency Codes - e.g. USD for US Dollars, EUR for Euro etc. Here's the list of currency codes we support. Just substitute USD in the request below with the code you want to use as a base currency and make a GET request.

This will return the exchange rates from USD to all the other currencies we support:

	"base": "USD",
	"date": "2019-03-20",
	"time_last_updated": 1553092232,
	"rates": {
		"USD": 1,
		"AUD": 1.408403,
		"CAD": 1.329501,
		"CHF": 0.999398,
		"CNY": 6.711962,
		"EUR": 0.880807,
		"GBP": 0.755043
		"HKD": 7.850285,
		"...": 1.311357,
		"...": 7.4731, etc. etc.

Error Responses

	"result": "error",
	"error": "unknown-code"

Where "error" can be any of the following:

  • "unknown-code" if we don't support the supplied currency code (see supported currencies...)
  • "malformed-request" when some part of your request doesn't follow the structure above

If you have any queries about the above please don't hesitate to email us!