Supported Codes JSON

Documentation for the Supported Codes ExchangeRate-API endpoint.


This endpoint lists the currencies that we support. It's essentially a programmatic JSON version of the human readable page listing our supported currencies.

This endpoint is useful for making your application dynamically support the same currencies we offer data for. In the event that a new currency is added or one removed then this endpoint can be relied on to make sure your application stays up to date. This only happens very rarely so not all users will need to worry about this - but it's useful for those who want the extra assurance.

The JSON response also includes the name of the currency if you're looking to display these somewhere on your website or app. Please note that some include unicode characters, for instance the Mongolian Tögrög.

Usage Guide

To use our Supported Codes endpoint simply include your API key and send a GET request to the URL below, nothing else required.

• Substitute `YOUR-API-KEY` with the API key displayed in your dashboard.


This will return a JSON array of all currently supported currencies:

		["AED","UAE Dirham"],
		["AFN","Afghan Afghani"],
		["ALL","Albanian Lek"],
		["AMD","Armenian Dram"],
		["ANG","Netherlands Antillian Guilder"],
		["AOA","Angolan Kwanza"],
		["ARS","Argentine Peso"],
		["AUD","Australian Dollar"],
		["AWG","Aruban Florin"],
		["AZN","Azerbaijani Manat"],
		["BAM","Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark"],
		["BBD","Barbados Dollar"] etc. etc.

Error Responses

	"result": "error",
	"error-type": "invalid-key"

Where "error-type" can be any of the following:

  • "invalid-key" when your API key is not valid.
  • "inactive-account" if your email address wasn't confirmed.
  • "quota-reached" when your account has reached the the number of requests allowed by your plan.

➡️️​ If you have any questions about the above please don't hesitate to email us!