API Request Quota

Documentation for the API Request Quota ExchangeRate-API endpoint.


Some users like to track the amount of available API request quota they have left from within the same script or service that is consuming our exchange rate data. This endpoint makes this possible by returning a JSON formatted response that shows what your plan's quota level is and how many requests you have remaining in the current period.

Please note two important points about this endpoint:

1. There is a delay between your system sending requests and these reflecting in your official request usage count and available quota indication. This is due to various scheduled scripts having to collect your usage counts from the different parts & caching layers of our infrastructure. The delay can range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes depending on circumstances.

2. Unfortunately we have to make requests to this API endpoint count against your request usage quota. We'd prefer not to and originally this wasn't the case but users kept putting requests to this endpoint in while(1){} loops and generating tens of millions of unnecessary requests. Our Pro plan does include 30k API requests per month so you'll still be able to monitor this at a reasonable frequency.

Finally, a note on the `refresh_day_of_month` field. Our API request quotas get renewed on the day of the month that you started your current plan and not simply on the 1st. Accordingly, the JSON response also includes the date of each month that your account gets new request quota allocated.

Usage Guide

To use our API Request Quota endpoint simply swap in your API key and then send a GET request to the URL below.

• Substitute `YOUR-API-KEY` with the API key displayed in your dashboard.

GET https://v6.exchangerate-api.com/v6/YOUR-API-KEY/quota

This will return a JSON array of your current API request quota status:

	"result": "success",
	"documentation": "https://www.exchangerate-api.com/docs",
	"terms_of_use": "https://www.exchangerate-api.com/terms",
	"plan_quota": 30000,
	"requests_remaining": 25623,
	"refresh_day_of_month": 17

Error Responses

	"result": "error",
	"error-type": "invalid-key"

Where "error-type" can be any of the following:

  • "invalid-key" when your API key is not valid.
  • "inactive-account" if your email address wasn't confirmed.
  • "quota-reached" when your account has reached the the number of requests allowed by your plan.

➡️️​ If you have any questions about the above please don't hesitate to email us!